Polestar Performance Programs, a member of The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group, offers behavioral-based sales training and personal-performance coaching solutions designed to help insurance agencies, brokerages and carriers increase their productivity, retention, efficiency and profitability. Through hands-on training with seasoned coaches, program participants are able to deliver valuable client-facing skills for advancing our industry.

As a member of The Institutes Risk and Insurance Knowledge Group, Polestar uses its strong focus on behavior modification to ensure we are providing performance development solutions that empower risk management and insurance professionals to further our industry’s impact and reputation of best helping those in need.

A primary component and distinguishing feature of Polestar’s series-based marketing, sales, and service performance programs is the recurrent reinforcement of the disciplines and behaviors that drive success. To ensure an effective and lasting outcome, these comprehensive programs reach beyond the traditional training room environment and provide our participants with individual, on-the-job performance coaching. In many of our programs, participants work with a coach to establish properly defined performance objectives, develop an action plan to achieve results, and immediately begin the implementation of new activities and behaviors.

This combined emphasis on participant education and consistent execution of high-payoff activities is our hallmark and the key to our potency.

Insurance companies and agencies invest in Polestar performance development programs because they work. Throughout our twenty years in the industry, our clients uniformly herald our strategy, our passion, our accountability, and our ability to deliver sustained and measurable results. Our model is proven and effective, has thrived in good economies and bad, and is perfectly positioned to create sustained achievement for every client.