High Payoff Service for Claims

The High Payoff Service for Claims  is specifically designed to help agencies learn how to effectively deal with insurance company and third-party administrator workers’ compensation claims personnel and build a strong, pro-active business relationship. Agency team members will learn what makes claims personnel “rise to the occasion” to facilitate a smooth claim process and enlist the committed cooperation. The program stresses that proper communication skills are the key to forging a great agency-claims relationship and provides agencies with many time-tested methods and techniques for improving agency to-claims communication. The ultimate goal of this program is to support the achievement of Polestar’s four key objectives – Production, Retention, Efficiency and Profitability.

Program Summary

During the program, Polestar will provide specific examples of tools that agencies can utilize to make their job of handling claims easier by improving their communication skills with claims and eliminating needless confrontations. The training will be informative in nature but conducted in a workshop format. Agency staff will walk away from the training with a new set of skills that will enable them to know how to more effectively deal with claims personnel convert adjusters to their biggest fans.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for all levels of agency staff that have contact with claims personnel, including agents, account managers, ASR/CSRs.