Specialty Programs

The Team at Polestar is constant scanning the horizon for new pathways, improvements, and ideas that prosper our industry.  This practice keeps us current and brings to our clients a freshness resulting in programs that are differentiating, while focusing Polestar’s foundational principles of productivity, retention, efficiency, and profitability.

These programs include:

High-Payoff Selling for Producers

Based on the principles of High-Payoff Selling: Being Visible and Viable in the New Insurance Market, High-Payoff Selling for Producers is for Producers with one to five years experience who are looking to increase their sales.

Polestar Alumni and Re-union Programs

In many programs, there is both a camaraderie and support developed between participants of Polestar programs.  To further enhance and continue this momentum, Polestar believes that periodically reinforcing the content of earlier programs and exposing previous participants to new content is both beneficial to past graduates and valuable to existing clients.  Some of he expected outcomes include:

  • Reinforce behaviors
  • Build new skills
  • Reconnect partnerships
  • Celebrate successes
  • Develop new relationships
  •  Further impact P.R.E.P.

Above The Rest – A National Reunion of Polestar Graduates

A major part of this advanced producer school are the ‘best practice’ presentations from several of our recent graduates.  Learn how graduates increased their book of business by 40% in the first year and 100% in the second. These producers have made major changes in their personal and professional lives and will share with you exactly what they did and how they did it.

In addition to sessions of success, we present varied new topics which will take you and your agency to unparalleled heights of growth.  On top of all these sessions, there are break-out sessions, executive roundtables and panel discussions.

Polestar Principals Roundtable

We know from our agency principal-clients that running your business, while rewarding, can be a lonely trek. When was the last time you had the opportunity to just sit down and “compare notes” with someone “in the know?”  The Principals Roundtable will cover the following topics in an intimate yet interactive session:

  • Channel Marketing – Building an Affinity Group within your Agency
  • Revenue and Beyond – Market-based Analysis for Increasing Agency Growth
  • Compensation – Splits, Equity, Profit Sharing, Bonuses and Pay Scales
  • Recruiting – Attracting and Retaining the Industry Best
  • Agency and Opportunity Planning – Short and Long Term Implementation
  • Carrier Connections – Optimizing your Agency’s Position with Key Carriers