Producer Accelerator

Designed to bring brand new (“green”) agents up-to-speed in record time, Producer Accelerator is not a typical new agent/producer training school or another “workshop or training event.” This program is designed specifically to assist recently-hired insurance sales professionals and service professionals migrating to a producer position to succeed and validate early. Producer Accelerator accelerates both technical and professional skill development resulting in agents becoming “profitable” in fast order.

Producer Accelerator guides each participant down a path of self discovery and performance improvement. It generally begins with taking a hard look at existing skill sets and gaps… culminating in the development of a specific blueprint for becoming a highly successfully agent.  Additionally, the program provides detailed planning tools for personal and professional development, including extensive technical and sales training and development that will prepare participants with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed. The program includes technical and professional sales training, and extensive coaching. [Note: Producer Accelerator is equally applicable for new hires recruited by a Polestar recruiting partner or brought on board independent of such support.]

Program Summary

The Producer Accelerator program is designed to take maximum advantage of a participant’s strengths. Our common objective is to create an efficient and effective training and coaching plan that is uniquely designed to the agency sales culture, products, and niche.  Highlights of the program include:

  • Curriculum provides the essential learning experience trainees need in insurance sales to start prospecting quickly
  • Participants set appointments for experienced agents, then shadow the agents on the calls to learn, rapidly, how to conduct initial meetings and qualify prospects.
  • Participants learn sales operations fast by following early deals closely through application, marketing, proposal, and sale process.
  • Participants are supported throughout by a remote Polestar Development Coach, an agency Sales Mentor, and a peer network.

Benefits And Outcomes

The program is refined and adjusted regularly to accommodate and strategically align with changes in our industry and in the market. This practice keeps us current and keeps participants “ahead of the curve.” Here is what you will learn early in the process:

  • Does the new hire “have it” to succeed, before big money is wasted? Because Producer Accelerator starts validating participant’ skills immediately; you will know within three months if you “hired right.”
  • Do they demonstrate the motivation and skills to get pipeline-filling initial appointments?
  • Are they able to differentiate themselves and the agency and effectively close the right business?
  • Do they demonstrate a personality and style that blends well into the agency team?

Producer Accelerator is a complete development program that combines self-study courses in insurance and insurance sales with goal-focused, on-the-job learning activities, consistent remote coaching and in-house mentor support.  Some additional program information:

  • A program that best fits participants who already have sales skills (or the obvious capacity to quickly learn and apply such skills) but need to learn the sales skills and processes particularly applicable to selling insurance
  • Leverages the prospecting and sales skills new agents bring to the job so they rapidly contribute to production while they are learning
  • Focused on learning by doing, by generating initial meetings with prospects, then by shadowing, assisting, and learning from experienced agents as they produce the business
  • A structured program that sets goals for both learning and prospecting; then assesses results achieved on a weekly basis.
  • Producer Accelerator is a mix of one-on-one virtual coaching, facilitated group coaching with other remotely-located producers and agency-specific mentor reinforcement of agency practices and producer performance

New agents learn fastest on-the-job by doing, and with the support and guidance of mentors and coaches. It takes on-the-job practice, coaching and feedback, and a comprehensive, structured approach. Each Producer Development Plan is customized to meet the needs of the individual agent and the agency.

Why Our Clients Love the Program

Our Clients Love the Program because it:

  • Focuses on the individual and provides personalized, progressive, reality-based, growth strategies that are customized to exactly fit their developmental needs and agency environment
  • Facilitates a behavioral transition to establish and achieve higher-level business and personal objectives
  • Develops a plan to improve personal attitudes and sustained self-motivation

The difference between now and then; however, is the speed under which the transformation must take place and the significant consequences that are inevitable for those that can’t or won’t change. As with our other program, Producer Accelerator is no longer just the right thing to do; it is the required thing to do.

What Makes This Program Different

Producer Accelerator is written specifically to address the dramatic and potentially advantageous changes that are developing in the insurance industry. Ours is an industry with big issues that has been ignored by training and consulting companies due to the level of expertise required to build and sell credible solutions.

This is not an academic program nor is it conceptual or generic. It is a hands-on, practical, viable, and proven program for personal and professional achievement within the industry. It’s a program on a mission. It is written from “the trenches” and not from the drawing board. No other program that we are aware of delivers a strategy that is as effective, humanistic, or reality-based.  Our real world, no-nonsense, activity-focused programs set the stage for lasting achievement. This simple fact is what makes all of our programs so credible and so popular. The impact will be extraordinary.