Polestar Solutions

Polestar is a national provider of coaching, training, and consulting through in-person and online solutions. We pride ourselves in driving behavior change to achieve dramatic improvements in production, retention, efficiency and profitability.  Our customized solutions are uniquely designed for the following insurance industries:


Our Agency and Broker programs focus on the entrepreneurial environment with key elements dedicated to production, retention, efficiency, profitability, and agency growth &  success.

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Our Carrier programs create thriving partnerships with Agencies and Brokers through the development of underwriter, claims, and insurance staff.

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We have a long history of creating value added services for insurance industry Associations, including High-Payoff Selling and Service programs via online and onsite, specialty Webinars, and a variety of coaching and training.

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Speciality Programs

In addition to programs for peripheral insurance industries, Polestar is on the cutting edge of creating programs that add value and longevity to business relationships.  Our Specialty Programs are customized solutions to our industry's most taxing challenges.

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