Polestar’s Carrier Development Programs are completely unique and one of a kind in our industry. Our clients herald them as the wisest investment in professional and organizational development that they have ever made. Programs that are guaranteed to position your company far above the pricing frenzy by creating profitable and sustainable new business growth based upon value delivery and product differentiation.

Carrier Development Programs create thriving partnerships with Agencies and Brokers through the development of underwriter, claims, and insurance staff. Key elements of each program include proactive agency management, value delivery and differentiation, true agency partnership plans, and segmentation strategies.

The goals for these programs are simple – develop a reasonable and appropriate strategy with selected partnership agencies that consistently creates quality opportunities with quality clients by promoting value and program integrity versus price. The results are profound. As production, retention, efficiency and profitability increase, so too does morale, creativity, and motivation. Underwriters rise above process and administration, move out from behind the desk, and embrace their expanded role as ambassadors of the organization. Claims, Loss Control, and Service Teams become synchronized and harmonious as they work proactively within a well orchestrated strategic environment. Everybody wins, and winning breeds even more success.

Carrier programs include: