High-Payoff Selling for Sales and Marketing

The High-Payoff Selling for Sales and Marketing Program has an unwavering focus on increasing franchise value. Sales and marketing staff are equipped to educate agents to accept, understand and utilize tools and techniques to optimize agency performance thus creating an unmistakable dependency to successfully generate mutually profitable business.

Program Summary

High-Payoff Selling for Sales and Marketing  recognizes that the core of any successful agency-carrier relationship is effective agency management. Through this highly-tactical program, sales and marketing staff are positioned to consistently “up” their performance by:
  • recognizing the best agency opportunities consistent with the carrier’s appetite
  • optimizing the allocation of carrier resources to the right agents
  • applying the proper levers to drive agency performance
  • executing in a sales-driven, results-oriented culture

Program Objectives

Sales and Marketing staff will be able to

  • Tier existing agencies to allocate their time and talent to best opportunities
  • Define their and their carrier’s value proposition
  • Set business and personal goals
  • Build and manage a territory business plan
  • Identify and execute high payoff activities
  • Customize agency sales “tool box” to specific agencies
  • Educate and coach agents to attract the right business
  • Recognize superior performance/respond to less than satisfactory results
  • Improve carrier positioning within the agency distribution channel

Upon completion of this program, sales and marketing staff will be prepared to educate and coach agents to:

  • Utilize agency sales “tool box” to generate new business
  • Create and execute an agent-specific business plan
  • Differentiate agency and carrier to prospects and clients
  • Build and better manage their new business pipeline
  • Generate referral and cross sell opportunities
  • Shift their focus from mass marketing to personal marketing

Sample Topics 

Although each program is customized to the needs and expectations of our clients, topics presented could include:
  • Defining your carrier’s value proposition and value added services
  • Characteristics and features of “high performing agencies”
  • Agency tiering for compatibility, growth and profitability
  • Tools, techniques and strategies for generating organic growth
  • Building your strategic business plan
  • Managing multiple priorities
  • Equipping your agencies to achieve their business goals using the agency sales “tool box”

Program Structure and Timing  

While our High-Payoff Selling for Sales and Marketing programs are customized to the unique needs of the client, generally speaking, each program could include three elements:
  • onsite classroom facilitation
  • individual participant coaching
  • team coaching Webinars

Consistent with our belief that behavior change occurs over time, we recommend this program be scheduled over an extended period of time, including classroom and virtual elements, to allow for reinforcement of concepts and the successful application of tools. Actual timing is dependent on client expectations as well as program design and content.

What Makes This Program Different?

In the corporate consulting space, there are countless examples of generalized marketing, sales and service training programs that are content rich, intellectually compelling… and ineffective. They tend to drift into organizations, linger briefly, and fade forgetfully away. We are an insurance-only, specialized provider. Our no-nonsense, activity-focused program sets the stage for lasting achievement. This is not an academic program nor is it conceptual or generic. It is a hands-on, practical, viable, and proven program for achieving results.

Because our High-Payoff Selling for Sales and Marketing program has been designed by and is facilitated and coached by insurance professionals who have successfully fulfilled this role while on the staff of regional and national insurance carriers, it addresses real world issues facing sales and marketing personnel.

Ours is a behavior-change approach built on the concept that a coach who has the background, skill and motivation to impact student behavior will generate the change necessary to achieve outstanding results. The coach-student relationship established during the program continues long after the program delivery as a “coaching for life” resource.

These simple facts are what make our programs so credible and so popular. The impact will be extraordinary.