High-Payoff Service for Claims

Developed by industry experts and previously delivered for over 2000 claims professionals from three different insurance carriers, the High-Payoff Service for Claim Professionals will provide carrier claims teams and individuals with the information, communication skills, and tools to directly increase carrier revenue and retention via their agency relationships.

Claims professionals are at the forefront of agent and policyholder communications and engagement, and they create important bonds between agents and policyholders of retention and new business opportunities.  Yet our industry has struggled in its efforts to actively engage claims professionals in both production (new business) and retention strategies… until now!

The Carrier High-Payoff Service for Claims program creates a consistent and proactive new business development and retention process for claims professionals.

Insurance executives, state funds, and third-party administrators (TPAs) take great pride in their claims department and point to their claims team as an incredible asset and greatest strength.  And rightly so – claims professionals bring unique skill sets – communicating daily with doctors, attorneys, policyholders, agents, and others.   Unfortunately, the great work done by claims professionals is many times not appreciated, supported, or understood by policyholders and agent/brokers; therefore, creating perceived service gaps. There are several reasons for this:

  1. Most agents/brokers may not specialize nor understand the claims process.
  2. Agents/brokers may face pressure from policyholders reduce reserves, fight fraudulent claims, and close claims.
  3. Specialized claims audit firms or individuals, employed by agencies, may interact directly with carrier claims professionals – thus limiting the “relationship-building” opportunities between carrier and agency

Do you need this program

Not all everyone is a candidate for this program…  take this quiz to determine if the High-Payoff Service for Claims program will benefit you:

  1. Does your claims team think of your agents/brokers as partners in the claims process?
  2. Do they view themselves as part of your sales effort?
  3. Do they ever complain about agents/brokers being demanding?
  4. Have any of your agents/brokers hired claims audit firms to help them manage their claims?

If the answer to “a” and “b” is “Yes,” and the answer to “c” and “d” is “No…”  Congratulations are in order for having an active and engaged claims team involved with new policyholder and agency development, and retention strategy.   However, if your answers signify a gap, this Program is a next logical step.

Why was High-Payoff Service for Claims Created

As leaders specializing in carrier and agency coaching, training, and consulting, we long observed gaps in communication, engagement, and understanding between carriers and agencies.  Armed with a 20-year history of data, and in practicing our “decently bold” discipline, we decided to create this unique Polestar Program.  Some of what we heard from brokers included:

  • Claims professionals are “only interested” in defending their decisions and actions
  • They “over-reserve claims and don’t close claims on a timely basis”
  • “Not aggressive on fighting fraudulent claims”
  • “Not sensitive to my needs as I try to serve my clients.”

Some of what we heard from claims adjusters:

  • “Agents/brokers don’t understand the claim process”
  • “Demand that reserves be lowered”
  • “Frequently request subrosa investigations be done”
  • “Push to close claims without any factual basis for doing so.”

We felt there was just too much needless friction in the claims process between agencies and carriers, creating productivity and efficiency gaps, increased claim costs, lowered retention opportunities, and a reduced partnership atmosphere.

Program Summary

Building on its highly-acclaimed sales and business development programs, High-Payoff Service for Claims is designed for carrier claims team members and “non-sales” staff.  It addresses their critical roles while preparing them to:

  • Build a personal value added service plan that results in a substantial increase in agent satisfaction and retention
  • Create an efficient and effective communications tool to consistently harvest new business and retention opportunities with agents
  • Implement a realistic priority management system that is focused on increasing the time available for engaging in high payoff activities
  • Improve organizational production, retention, efficiency and profitability by creating a strategic harmony between agents, policyholders, and internal staff

During the program, Polestar will provide specific examples of tools that claims personnel can utilize to make their job of handling claims easier by improving their communication skills with brokers and eliminating needless confrontations with brokers. The training will be conducted in either online or in-person classroom-style settings, with significant interaction by the participants. The training will be informative in nature, but it will also be focused on behavior modification of claims personnel to allow them to conduct their business in a less-stressed filled environment. Claims personnel will walk away from the training with a new set of skills that will enable them to know how to more effectively deal with brokers and convert brokers to their biggest fans.

Benefits And Outcomes

As with all Polestar Programs, the High-Payoff Service for Claims program is refined and adjusted regularly to accommodate and strategically align with changes in our industry and in the market. This practice keeps us current and keeps participants “ahead of the curve.”  Here is what you can expect:

  • Have more productive, less tense communication with agents/brokers
  • Better understand how agents/brokers work, why they appear so demanding, what their hot buttons are and how to deal with them effectively
  • Be able to use your acquired knowledge to convert agents/brokers to partners in the claims process
  • Be able to understand your role in the sales efforts of their company

What Makes This Program Different

As with all Polestar programs, this is not an academic program nor is it conceptual or generic. It is a hands-on, practical, viable, and proven program built by both Polestar claims and agency leaders.  No other program that we are aware of delivers a strategy that is as effective or reality-based.  Our real world, no-nonsense, activity-focused programs set the stage for lasting achievement. This simple fact is what makes all of our programs so credible and so popular. The impact will be extraordinary and long-lasting.